TOS Terms Of Service


Our policy is to email the customer scans of their completed id’s the day of the payment arrives. We put forth our best effort to ensure the quickest timeframe for every customer. This policy does not apply to group orders over 20 ids. In this case, please allow an extra 24 hours. Delays regarding timeframe can and do happen, but it is definitely a rare occurrence. Please understand we are a business and make every effort to meet this timeframe. However, supplies can be delayed in arrival, equipment can malfunction, workload can be higher than normal, all of which can cause delays.

Guaranteed arrival:

Please read our website. It explains how best we can generate an order in a general time-frame based on how you mailed to us, and if you pay for express return or not. You decide, when mailing payment with tracking, how fast it will arrive as all shippers will have different options. Once you confirm payment is mailed, via the online confirmation form, we track it, and make sure to have your order ready the day payment arrives. We email you the proof that day, and as soon as you approve, we ship based on the shipping option you chose as shown on our prices page.

We understand what an event or vacation trip with our product in hand means to a customer, and those plans can be ruined without it. Please try and understand we are a business, and cannot in good faith promise delivery on certain dates as a delay could happen. We want your business, but not enough to make a promise that we are not sure we can keep, and ruin a customers plans, if we are even ONE day late on delivery.


Producing fake ids is a made to order business. Products (fake ids) cannot be resold to anyone other than the customer who ordered it. Due to this limitation, we are very restrictive on refunds. The reasoning behind a policy of emailing the customer scans of the finished ids for approval prior to shipment is to ensure the customer is completely satisfied, and confident in the fact that we correctly printed all information. Also, that the quality of the actual fake id(s) is as good as we state on our website.

We realize that a customer is limited to inspecting the quality of our id’s based only on scans. We realize that only true and complete inspection can be done once the customer has received the fake id(s).. Our customers have 48 hours from the time of arrival to inspect the fake id(s) ordered, and email regarding any complaint related to quality, that the customer feels a refund is warranted.

We stand behind our products with absolute confidence that we produce the best fake ids that can be purchased online. That is why, if for any reason, the customer wants a refund, a refund will be issued. We require you to cut with scissors your id(s) and email a clear close image of the cut id(s). We will issue the refund by Western Union. It is much more simple and safer than mailing cash out of China.

When the customer reviews the scans sent by email for approval, if any error is found, we will remake the order. We will only remake the order, if the error is a mistake by printing information that differs from the order form. Keep in mind 90% of the forms submitted lack all the needed information to complete a license for print. Our designers are very knowledgeable for the ids they are deemed to specialize in. Depending on the workload, a designer might not have time to contact the customer for input of missing or incorrect information. The designer reserves the right to provide or edit the information, when in the designers judgment it is vital to making a passable fake id.

Scanning Barcode and/or Magstripe encoding:

Every license that has this feature of a magstripe will be encoded and/or barcode printed, so that it will read correctly when scanned. We test every license before shipment. This is our policy, and this policy is never skipped. We will not issue a refund, by just claiming it does not scan. We can count on one hand the requests for a refund due to the claim of not scanning, and this makes it a 0.01% issue. We feel those claims were not truthful (trying to get free ids) and why we do not see it as even an issue of concern.

Refusal Of Service:

We will not make ids for children, pets, or pranks. We pride our company image on making high quality fake id and do not want to confuse or tarnish our reputation with novelty joke type of ids.

We will not make ids for anyone we believe will use them to commit physical harm. While we definitely do not investigate a customer, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who stands out as “odd” and makes our employees feel uncomfortable of the Customer’s intentions.

In the event we will not make the order for a customer, the customer will be emailed as quickly as possible of this decision in an attempt to prevent the mailing of payment. When payment has already been mailed, we will note to refuse it at delivery and notify the customer on the date if was refused. Assuming the customer followed our policy to mail with tracking, it will not be an issue to follow the parcel online to see it was refused and the movements back to the sender.