CHfake Questions


Below we try and answer almost all of the questions we are routinely asked. When your questions are still left unanswered after reading below and our prices page, please contact us, as we are here to help you.

!! Bitcoin Warning !!

No, we do not accept Bitcoin for US customers anymore for our customers safety. US citizens that use Bitcoin for any purpose are experiencing their bank accounts being closed. Social Security numbers are becoming blacklisted from being able to open accounts in the future. It is so bad that the government now wants the banks to contact the authorities to investigate the Bitcoin user. It is no secret that the US government does not like Bitcoin since they cannot control it, so they are punishing US citizens who do use it. Part of US government operation “Choke Point”. Links to articles about operation Choke Point: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

Where are you located? (Very important to know)

We are in China and you should NEVER order a fake id online unless you know the true location of where your fake id is being made. Buying fake id from any site located in the US or Canada is playing with fire. Falling under that jurisdiction allows authorities to monitor them and those who order. The owners could already have been shutdown, and the fake id maker’s website taken over by law enforcement.

China does not have the same laws on counterfeiting, or copyrights, as you may very well know. Everything of value is counterfeited here!

See our fake ids images and video.


Another Warning to our customers! 2 websites attempting to be CHfake that have stolen our header image, browser icon, and our front page California fake ids. You can clearly see our domain in the CA fake id “CHFAKE.COM”. The two sites are: i d chfake .org /.com (take out the spaces, if you visit the site.) We recommend you do not as it is a scam. Often scams impersonating another site will try to infect you with malware or new exploits not detected by anti virus yet. We will not link to the 2 scam sites and in no way have anything to do with them. This is the reason why we have to water mark every image and video we post. Why did someone do this? Scammers especially in the fake id business often register a similar named domain of a reputable site. They hope to capitalize off someone searching for CHfake and finds them first. Then the real site gets the bad reviews as customers get confused we are the same site. is the ONE and ONLY site we have. We are sorry for any person who has or will be duped by this scam, but please do not blame us! Putting up this warning is the best we can do.

Reviews online bad or good are 99% bogus. This is a very competitive market and unfortunately filled with many scams just like the warning above. Owners of fake id sites will spend endless amounts of time destroying another sites reputation by posting as a unsatisfied customer. Unfortunately, like many other online businesses it is a nightmare to find the truth online about a website. You can read so many anonymous reviews that look so real, be it good, or bad, a person is left not knowing what to believe. Want REAL reviews about us that are not anonymous? Just watch the news video (note you can SEE our website is in the quick snippets when they show how they ordered, but neglect to name us to not promote where they bought a good fake id from) Hard for the anonymous review posters to argue a news reporter showing we deliver and then allowing fake id “experts” to review our fakes proclaiming they are FLAWLESS! Also, news articles about our site: Link_1Link_2Link_3 .

What are your Terms Of Service?

Very basic and straight forward please read it here Terms Of Service.

License number for my fake id?

It is vital to get this right, so here is some help. First, does the state randomly computer assign the license number, do they use the codex system, or other coded system? We know the license number format for every state, and will gladly do it for you, when you do not provide one on the order form.

Using your real license number can be ok as long as it is not a state that formats the license number. Using your real formatted license number on your fake id would be a dead giveaway that it is fake to anyone who knows the format.

What kind of card stock do you print on?

For each state we use the exact grade of PVC, Teslin, or Polycarbonate card stock matching the real license. Keep in mind we are in China where the card stock is produced and know which of the several companies the states purchase from. In short, we print on the exact same card stock.


Yes, we laser engrave. Much like microprinting it is based on having a card printer that includes this capability. This feature only hinders those who use outdated card printers not capable of laser engraving.


For the states that have this security feature, we do microprint. States like to say the license is more secure when they release a new updated style that includes microprint. Again, this would only hinder someone using an outdated card printer. Most new card printers have microprint capability and will microprint exactly as your template requires.

Will my fake id scan?

Yes, we encode the magstrip and print the formatted barcode. Be it a magnetic stripe or 1D/2D bar codes, when scanned, it shows what we encoded, which is the information on the front of the license same as a real one. Magnetic stripe or bar code are just fast ways to read what is on your license to a computer. Some states use a coded system to make your license number which we duplicate to format the number correctly. Do not use your real license number when this is the case, and you are changing information, let us make the number. We absolutely test every license before we ship. We guarantee your fake id will scan perfectly on any scanner that is capable of reading a license.

Watch the short video we posted sent to us by a customer. Video shows how easy it is to enter when a bouncer relies on a scanner to verify a patron’s age. Quick scan of your fake id and you are in. Most of the time the bouncer does not even scrutinize your ID when it is scannable.

Some customers think scanners have magical powers, but besides reading what is encoded, that is all they can do. Bar, store, casinos, etc., are not connected to any government or motor vehicle department database to verify the license is in the system.

Expiration / Issue date?

Your fake license will be valid for the same time period as the real license. States vary on the validation period based on if it is a first time issue or renewal. Another factor for the validation period is the class of the license. Our designers know the validation period for each state and will correctly format this on the license for you. We usually pre date our fake ids 60 days to make the fake not look as if you just received it. You are always welcome to provide custom dates for us to use in the additional information box on the order form, as long as it will work for the fake you ordered. If there is any conflicting issue, the designer assigned to your order will email you before printing.

Black light test?

We use Ultra Violet (UV) ink for printing the same security features as the real id has. Your fake will shine under black light exactly the same as the real id would.

What do the backs of the cards look like?

Exactly the same as a real license. We encode the magnetic stripe, 1D, and/or 2D bar codes. Some states do ghost images, laser engraving, and other security features on the back. We replicate it perfectly as we show in our sliders that detail our work.

What about my signature?

This is optional on the order form. Attach a signature to your order form, or if it is left out of your submission form, we will create one for you. Do not worry, we will do a decent, matching, easy signature. When you do supply a signature, you can write this signature on a paper and scan it or take a picture of the signature with your smart phone. We copy the signature with one of our signature pads as it is the only way to look perfectly authentic.

What type of holograms do your cards have?

In short, our overlay is identical. The companies who are awarded the contracts to supply the US Motor Vehicle Departments source their overlay holographic designs to be produced from several companies here in China. This is one huge advantage we have over other sites being in China. Let’s just say you will think we bought it from the same source.

I received my order, now what will you do with my information?

30 days after your order is mailed we destroy all information pertaining to your order.

What type of photo should I attach to the order form?

It is the absolute most important part of your order! Our policy is to not make a customer order, unless the image is good enough to go to print. In the beginning, we would use what the customer uploaded to the order form. This caused many complaints from our customers blaming us when the they had their fake taken. When you take a “selfie”, outside in bright sunlight, looking up into the camera, and sunglasses on top of your head, what do you expect the result to be? Yes, customers do this, and yes, it makes for a bad fake id. Now, our policy is the image must be “good enough to go to print”.

Please do not email images asking if they will work. Just follow our advice below the best you can, and submit your order with the best image you can. When a designer is assigned your order he will email you if the image is not good enough to go to print. The designer would explain the issue, you would take another image, and reply with it attached.

IMPORTANT READ: Do not smile in your image that you want for your fake id! The Real ID Act requires no smiling when taking your license photo. This is not even known by some states Motor Vehicle Department YET. This is because some states are not even complaint and have extensions to be compliant. Reason for no smiling you may ask? This way facial recognition technology will work. Big Bro can pick you out instantly when you pass any Gov video surveillance camera or video tape they obtain.

Regardless of your image background we change it for our template background, and can add in the shadow when required. Try to make the background color solid and your hair as flat as it can be in the image you send to us.

Make sure the image is taken inside, with good office type lighting. Not a partly dark room with one table lamp on, or next to the television. Blue hue or half lighting over the face is not correctable by us. Ensure that you stand about 6 feet away, stand straight, and look straight, into the camera. The other option is to have a passport photo taken (Walgreens, CVS, UPS Store, etc.) for a few dollars. They can put it on a USB for you, so you do not have to scan the printed passport image. Do not send us an image of your id or license, we can not use that for your fake id. Not only do most have security lines or holograms over the face. You are younger in that image and for most of our customers for your fake you want to look as old as possible to 18 or 21.

Do you offer products not shown on your site or custom made items?

No, if we had them we would sell them. Much time goes into every template we have designed and supplies cost. This would not be profitable for us or financially feasible for the customer to do a custom one off fake id or card that we do not already offer.

How long will it take before I receive my product?

The day you confirm payment allow us approximately 72 hours to print and email your proof scans front and back for approval. Please review the scans very closely, and assuming there are no errors, reply to the email giving us your approval to ship.

Once you have replied that you have approved the scans, allow us 24 hours to ship. Note we do not ship on the weekends.

Shipping to you?

Allow 10-15 working days for free standard shipping to reach you, 6-8 working days for express shipping, and 6 working days for the 4-6 day shipping option.

How do I do a group order for the discounted price?

Fill out an order form for each person in your group. You can order different cards it does not matter. For example, you have a group of 3 orders, one is Florida, one is Texas, and one is California. We can ship to different addresses for each item ordered in your group, the choice is yours. The shipping address you put on each order form is what we follow. When you pay for one of the two express shipping options the expedited shipping is only one fee when we are shipping to the same address. When we are shipping a group order to multiple addresses, and you want expedited return shipping, then you would need to include the extra fee for each address that requires expedited return.