Our Side

True complaints:

Yes, we do have genuine complaints.

We require all payments to be mailed with tracking, this proves the customer mailed payment (hopefully not empty as some do trying to fraud us) and proves we received the payment. The one thing we ask can take away all worry for both sides. Unfortunately some customers fail to mail with tracking. Well shouldn’t payment still arrive? Yes, it should, but normal international mail to China has a high chance of theft by postal workers here. Mail is stolen, and we get the blame. Customer is irate and goes on a posting spree online that we scammed them. Customers cant fail to get tracking that often can they? Yes, we would say at least one customer a week. Why don’t you just make them the order for free, it is only one a week? We tried this in the beginning. Next thing we know everyone and their brother is mailing payment without tracking and expecting the order made for free when the imaginary mailing does not arrive. Do you see our dilemma here? We stick to our policy or would be out of business.

Fake complaints:

The online fake id business is packed full of fake good and fake bad reviews. Silly fake youtube reviews of the covered up ID and many other fake reviews. Very easy for a competitor to spend a few hours posting as anonymous Bob who was scammed by his competition website. Then that competitor reads the fake reviews, and goes posting bad reviews. Before you know it hundreds of fake reviews are online and the customer is left confused and not able to know the truth about any website.

Well good to know CHfake you are just perfect and walk on water!

Not exactly. We are not perfect, and cannot walk on water very well, and yes, there are true complaints. Every business has complaints.

Often customers forget we are a business, supplies can be delayed, printers go down, and at times cause delays. Instead of having patience and understanding, customers prematurely post that we did not deliver. When their order arrives they neglect to update their post not realizing or caring that leaving a negative post that was rectified does not just disappear.

Here is something you might not know. Nearly all complaint type websites do not allow the poster to remove or edit their post when the business has rectified the issue. Complaint websites do not pay the bills with fairy dust, but make money by indirect extortion. Forcing a business to join their premium programs for complaint removal or hire complaint removal companies that they actually own or are connected to. Fix a customer issue and unless you can afford to pay thousands of dollars the complaint remains online indefinitely.

Majority of our customer base is under 21 years of age and when they want something they want it NOW. Not a day goes by without threatening emails that a customer thinks their order should arrive by a certain date or they “will post all over online we are a scam”. That we will be to blame, if they miss an event that they need a fake id for. We are not complaining as it is just the nature of our business. We hope maybe, just maybe, you will see their is always two sides to a story. That just maybe anonymous online complaints are not always true, updated, or telling the full story.

We make and successfully deliver many orders a week, week after week, month after month. Handful of anonymous online complaints does not define us as a company.

The fact is we are not perfect, no business is, but we do strive to do the best work we can, and believe we make the best fake id online. If you just take the time to read our website and mail payment correctly you will have no issue receiving your fake license from us.