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New Jersey Fake ID

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New Jersey Holograms

When we say chfake.com fake id holograms are exact we mean it!

Having a working relationship with the several business that supply the US governments and private contractors that make the real license for applicants gives us an advantage that NO other site has as we will explain in the slides to follow. (click image to enlarge)
New Jersey Holograms

Chfake.com shows you the details in our fake ids and back it up with non anonymous, but true media reviews!

When you want your fake to fool even the experts (see the news video) we are here ready to make your fake id. This is our business and we know to catch mistakes and left out needed information from our client's order forms. We are not a single young youth in his bedroom with a flashy website making sub-par ids that will be confiscated the first night out! Our goal is to never have you back and our fake ids to make it until you are 21! (click image to enlarge)
New Jersey Holograms

This is an image of the old New Jersey holograms to make fake ids with.

The few legit sites order from these sites that sell outdated holograms or as you will see in the next slide holograms that are not even correct. Incredibly they actually use outdated holograms to make fake ids with! They hope your fake will be confiscated, so you will be back in a month, or two, ordering again. For these sub-par fake id sites it is about the money and not quality of the ID. You will never ever have out dated holograms on our fakes and due to our relationships we are always the first ID website by months with any changes to a state ID. (click image to enlarge)
New Jersey Holograms

Another US supplier of a completely wrong hologram that the fe sites that actually deliver use to make your fake id.

Sadly, this group of scammers has survived on reddit for a long time switching sites when they can no longer keep deleting all the bad reviews they monitor 24/7 to quickly delete. They switch their site to a bad status and then like magic a new site appears they proclaim is great, is capable out of nowhere to make 10 ish different fake ids (more magic we assume), and off again with some fake customer review posts to get business going. To the first time reader all looks great, but to us (and a few other legit sites) in the fake id business they are a disgrace. Putting every site they can't extort on the bad list and then selling fake ids that do not scan correctly, or at all, and print based on a template they obtained for free online is just unbelievable. Think we are are exaggerating just order from them before us, then try and go post the truth. You will then be a believer.
New Jersey Fake id backside

Backside of a fake id is just as important as the front of the ID card.

This image is outdated, but yet again, the handful of delivering sites use this. It just males no sense to us and how in good conscience they would not update their templates. Rest assured we will always use the current template and deliver a fake id that can be used with confidence in-state or out!
New jersey Fake ID Backside

Current New jersey fake ID backside template made by chfake.com

We would never allow a fake id to be shipped that was not 100% perfect. You will not have to worry if the old half-blind man at the corner liqueur store is the only place you can use our fakes. You can with confidence use anywhere in-state our out and we promise you that.
New jersey Fake ID

New Jersey fake id with exact and current holograms made by chfake.com. The very best in fake id online!

Using a fake id template made from a real license in hand. Updated printers that mircoprint and perforated print depending on what the template requires. EXACT holograms! Plus many other security features depending the template design that are perfectly cloned is what you get when you order from chfake.com. Not to mention the utmost care for your information to keep it secure. This is what you should expect from any fake id maker and what you WILL get when you put your trust in us and order form chfake.com

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