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CHfake Washington Fake ID With Holograms & More

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Washington Fake ID

Our Washington fake id is prefect and will work in-state as will all of our fake ids.

Every fake id we sell is made from scratch. Meaning we make the template from a real license in hand. No way we believe to make even a decent fake id without an original in hand for comparison. Keep in mind we are not the flashy sites that come and go offering a few fake id states. After they have too much customer complaints that their fake id ordered from the was taken they close and open under a new name. Reddit channel is owned by these scammers and is a well known trick in our industry of what they are doing. To a new unsuspecting customer reading the phony feedback they monitor 24/7 and will not allow anything near the truth it is very convincing. Want to know more read the next slide please.

CHfake.com has been around for many years knows as the China Guy on many campuses.

We have grown to an outstanding team and due to the real ID act and ALL US states having to update their ids our team never stops to keep up and offer you flawless fake ids. We do NOT buy templates or holograms from second hand sources which we guarantee ALL other sites DO, if they are legit fake id making. WE ARE IN CHINA! All holograms for US licenses are MADE here not to mention many other supplies. We are lucky enough to know these companies and have lets say a working relationship. This is why NOBODY beats us, our hologram overlay is EXACT for a reason. NEVER can one say our fake id holograms do not put any other site to shame. Holograms are very important needless to say and can be a dead give away of a fake. With us that is of course never a concern. We do not want you coming back (unlike other sites) ordering again a month later because a bouncer took your fake id. Again, we hope this means something to you!
Washington Fake ID UV Holograms

Under Ultra Violet light (UV) our fake ids will glow exactly as a real id!

Just as we explained why in the past slider. You can show you fake with CONFIDENCE! In-state or out. Only thing you should never do is show your fake id to law enforcement NEVER! Nearly all states in the USA the officer has the capability to pull up a license on their computer in their police car. When your number comes up empty in the system things will go from what would of been a confiscation and warning to worse real fast. First, we will format you license correctly, so of course you could even pass a police officer inspection, but NOT if they call it in, the license number will not be in the system. Use your fake for bar or nightclubs and you shall never have an issue. You will not be ordering again from us in a month or two because your fake was confiscated. If used as we recommend your next ID will come from the DMV when you turn 21 and no longer need your fake. That is a promise from us to you.
Illinois Fake ID

Keep in mind our designers are experts in our field of fake id.

They catch mistakes on order forms, they fix them, or even email you before going to print. This is our profession and we take great pride in it. We have no issue when you leave blank questions on the order form and when needed will always contact you to help you out in making the right decision that will work. As an example customers may want to use an older friend or siblings license number thinking this will help prove they are 21 years of age. Many states are coded license numbers based on information, such as your name, date of birth, and so forth. By doing so will actually be a dead give away you are using a  fake id, if we printed what you requested.
Florida Fake ID

Our goal is to make flawless fake id we even show REAL reviews, not anonymous posts with arterial motives.

You will finds news video and numerous links to news articles about our fake ids. News video they even show our fake ids to EXPERTS who are fooled and of course bouncers which in comparison is like showing to a 5 year old. Only defense the other sites all US based sites is that our fakes will be stopped at Customs. MILLIONS of pieces of mail flood into the USA (Canada and Australia as well) daily. It is no secret Customs inspects less then 1% of this mail. We have yet to have our fakes found, if you are truly concerned email us, and we will detail our method. We have no issue doing so as it would cost Customs millions in destroyed property they would have to replace to find our fakes. Considering they are broke this is not an approved searching method. Please rest assure your fake ids will arrive as reliably as Amazon. MOST important is NOT ordering from US based fake id makers. They ALWAYS end up busted like this fake id website. You never know the precautions or care for YOUR security and privacy the fake id maker is taking. Again, we have been at this for years and go to great lengths to protect your information and securely delete it once our transaction is complete. You think these dolts did? Next, law enforcement will go after their customer list. Would you want to be on it? Again, you may just want a fake id and could care less how you get it, but if you are the few who have actually read all our advice in these sliders, we thank you and puts you 100% ahead of the others. Fake id can open doors (literally) and give you many good times and that is what chfake is here for. Just you should to be informed and take a few precautions, not hard.

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