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Nebraska Fake ID License

Nebraska Fake ID

Information: Our California fake id is printed on teslin. Scannable with 1D and 2D bar codes on the back.

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Fake ID Bouncer

Our goal at Chfake is to make perfect fake id that makes passing a bouncer a cake walk.

We invite you to please read our Questions Page and take close looks at our fake ID images and video. Especially if you are looking for REAL reviews we have news video posted and links to news articles regarding our website. Usually the article never wants to mention us by name (to not give us business), but know we are the ONLY site truly located in China where each undercover article order was made from. Unfortunately, online anonymous posts with zero proof bash every fake id selling site online. Scammers and competition think somehow this tactic will drive business for them. Mention and customers will look at it and the scams KNOW this. All it has done is confuse customers who actually just need a good place to buy a fake id. We are not here to defend or judge, except to say the internet is full of false reviews good and bad. We can only point you to real fake id news reviews and let you be the judge. We do promise our fake ids are the best and will NOT be taken, they are cloned to perfection and are correctly scannable ids.
Fake ID Age Check

We recommend you use your real name. This allows you to back up your fake id with a credit card, if a doorman asks.

Most of our customers come to us after having their closely looking friends whom are over 21 ID is confiscated. It is our opinion to never use a friends ID, it can lead to embarrassment and trouble for both of you, if caught. Using a perfectly cloned fake id from you will NEVER have issue. After you use your fake id a few times it will come to you as easy if it were your true ID. All of our fake ids work in-state and as long as you keep your cool you will NOT ever have an issue.
New Jersey Fake ID Image Issue

This is a REAL (not made by us) New Jersey fake id.

Sticking your tongue out I can assure you will cause this person issue every time he tries to enter a bar or night club. It is so VERY vital you provide a good image of you standing straight, looking straight into the camera, and with office type lighting. We always say the $5 for a passport picture taken at most CVS, Wallgreens, or the like, is the best. You of course can easily replicate this at home in the alternative. Just use common sense. We can make you the best fake id in the world, but when you supply us with a poor image you just cut your success rate down 50% using it to enter a bar. See the next slide image for another example please.
New Jersey Fake ID Image Issue

Again, this is a REAL (not made by us) New Jersey license.

I can promise you this girl without other IDs to back up would be denied entrance. Your goal is to hand the bouncer your fake id that has nothing that quickly stands out like a bad image! Great fake id made by us CHfake, credit card with the same name on it, just in case you are asked, and you will have ZERO issue. It is not uncommon for girls to just take their id (maybe lipstick etc that fits in pocket) and credit card when going out for a night of fun, and not some bulky purse. What we are trying to say is please supply us with a good picture for your fake id. You have no idea how much this means and it will produce you one perfect fake id! EVERY day a designer will call us over to look at an image sent in by customer and we just can't understand what they are thinking. We can edit many aspects, like the background, red eye, shadow when needed behind card holder. However we are not Merlin's of magic to fix a crooked head selfie take in a car looking down into your lap. Yes, we get this and much worse often. HELP US TO HELP YOU please.
Georgia Fake id

We will not make joke IDs nor IDs for children for any reason.

While we are certainly not the moral police. We do reserve the right to deny making fake ids for any customer we feel uncomfortable with. Read our TOS to learn for more information. When this is the case we try to reach you before mailing payment. In the event payment was already mailed we would offer a complete refund. We try to mainly cater to those who just want to go out and fave a fun night and have a few drinks with friends. We do not have ANY interest in making fake id to steal identity and rob innocent people regardless of amount you offer to pay us or large quantity of id cards you may seek. Our goal is to make fake ids that enhance life that brings good times, but not ruin credit, and an innocent person's life.
New York Fake ID Template

Does not matter if we are making one fake id or a group (next slider image) we do our best and make each fake id card as if it were for our best friend.

We do not rush and we certainly want the right the information you provide on the order form. After payment confirmation your order is assigned to a designer who's job is to make you order perfection. We KNOW our job and 99% of the time information is left out, which is an option on our order form for our designer to help you. We know what to supply almost always, do not worry. ANY issue with your image, or information for your fake id. When the assigned designer does not want to make the call on his own he will email you for input. In short you are receiving a perfect fake ID from us with no exceptions. (Click this image to enlarge)
New Yoork Group of IDs

Fake ID Groups we love and again we do NOT skimp. We take as much time as needed and then each id is independently checked by another designer.

Not only for any issue whatsoever, but when applicable (almost now 98% of our ids like a real id are suppose to scan) each fake id is checked that it scans correctly and is PERFECT before we ship. Again, we are not kids cranking out sub-par ids out of our college dorm just begging for a confiscation with your data saved on it for big brother. Not a one mistake screw up or pissed off friend away from the end of the "business" and you being caught up in it. This our business and we are located in China where copyright is not enforced. Our servers are NOT in the USA another BIG NO NO the inexperienced don't care about. If you care at all about your safety these are things YOU SHOULD KNOW! We go to extreme lengths to keep everything from payment, shipping, data storage and customer info destruction. secure. To know more, please we urge you to read our Prices and Questions page. These two pages should cover about everything. In the event it does not we are ALWAYS happy to help by simply filling out a support email to us. (Click this image to enlarge)