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Indiana Fake ID License

Indiana Fake ID

Information: Our Indiana fake id is printed on polycarbonate with scannable 1D and 2D bar codes on the back.

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Fake ID Bouncer

Our goal at Chfake is to make perfect fake id that makes passing a bouncer a cake walk.

We invite you before ordering to please read our website and take a close look at our fake ID images and video. Especially if you are looking for REAL reviews we have news video posted and links to news articles regarding our website. Usually the article never will mention us by name (to not help the reader buy fake id), but know we are the ONLY site truly located in China where each article doing an undercover order was made from us.
Fake ID Age Check

We recommend you use your real name. This allows you to back up your fake id with a credit card, if a bouncer asks.

Most of our customers come to us after having their friends id that looks like them that are over 21 confiscated. It is our opinion to never use a friends ID, it can lead to embarrassment, and trouble for the both of you, if caught. Using a perfectly cloned fake id from CHFake you will NEVER have issue. After you use your fake id a few times it will come to you as easy if it were your true ID. All of our fake ids work in-state and as long as you keep your cool you will NOT ever have an issue.
New Jersey Fake ID Image Issue

This is a REAL (not fake) New Jersey License.

Sticking your tongue out I can assure you will cause this person issue every time he tries to enter a bar or night club. It is so VERY vital you provide a good image! Supply us with a face to mid chest, looking straight into the camera, no smile (new Real ID Act rule), office type lighting, standing about 5-6 feet away from the camera. When possible flatten your hair the best you can. We will crop, size, remove your background to use our template background, and make you a perfect fake id.

You can always for a few dollars get a passport picture taken at most CVS, Walgreens, UPS store or the like. Bring or buy a USB stick and they can put a copy on of the image on it. This will easily allow you to upload the image to the order form or when too large email it in. You of course can easily replicate this at home in the alternative as we detail above. Just do your best it is so very important. We can make you the best fake id in the world, but when you supply us with a poor image you give cause for a one who will ID you.